Our Story

My name is Caroline. I have been a couture bridal wear designer for the last 30 years. I am mother to four wonderful children and wife to William. I grew up in the Cotswolds and live by the sea in the ancient harbour town of Penryn, Cornwall – it’s here you’ll find my bridal studio, and in that studio where you’ll find hidden a flock of fairies…

I learnt the art of Christmas fairy making with my Auntie Billie as a child, cutting, gluing and glittering fairies around her kitchen table. If you look hard enough you will find magic; if you are kind and open-hearted, it will always find you.

I have always found magic around me: in the fields growing up, in the gardens that my father designed, and in the doll houses I made for my girls. It was in the difficult years of the pandemic that magic occurred once again.

One summer’s day, I was feeling rather low and out of sorts, as many of us did during that time. All my brides had had to cancel their weddings, my inspiration was running low and I was considering giving up my studio.

Then my daughter Flora reminded me of the stories I told of my childhood, of sitting at the kitchen table with Auntie Billie, and the idea of Florialice was born. I wanted to create magical memories and heirloom traditions for friends and family alike.

It was time to breathe new life into offcuts of antique silk that were treasured by brides many moons ago. It was time to reinvigorate the vintage velvets, lace trimmings (that could tell a story or two!) and antique 1920s sequins that I’d been holding onto for a special project someday.

Suddenly, my bridal studio lit up with magic and a little fairy appeared. She flew out of the silk box, twirled on top of the pink velvet ribbon reel and told me to start spreading fairy magic! And here we are...

Every Florialice Fairy is one of a kind. A unique handmade treasure coming together from the finest fabrics that have adorned luxury wedding dresses for decades. From bridal wear to fairies – a special family heirloom, made to cherish for generations to come.